3 / 28 / 2013

You can access your admin shares (c$, d$, etc) locally but you can’t access them remotely, even if you’re logged in as the same user.

This appears to be a bug in Windows 2012. To fix it, disable Object Access auditing in your security policy.

If you are on a domain, this means something like this (although it’ll vary depending on your Active Directory configuration): go into the Group Policy Editor and find the Default Domain Policy in the Group Policy Objects. Dig down into Computer\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Audit Policy. Disabled the setting or force it to be off. ┬áThen run gpupdate.exe on the server you’re having problems with to refresh the local security policy.

If you aren’t on a domain then just run the Local Security Policy editor, dig down into Local Polices\Audit Policy and then disable Object Access auditing.


Thanks to Brian O’Neill Dublin’s answer on TechNet.